Kang Yi Met with Kanasugi Kenji, Japanese Ambassador to China

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  On the morning of March 20Mr. Kang YiCommissioner of the National Bureau of Statistics of China NBS of China), met with Mr. Kanasugi KenjiJapanese Ambassador to China and his delegation in Beijing.

  Mr. Kang Yi welcomed the delegation led by Ambassador Kanasugi Kenji. Mr. Kang Yi said that China and Japan enjoy a long term of friendly and fruitful cooperation and exchanges in the field of statisticswhich acts as a boost in the common improvement of the statistical capacity to better serve the economic and social development of both countries. NBS of China has been committed to promoting statistical modernization in recent years and expects to maintain friendly exchanges and cooperation with the Japanese statistical community and to forge the common enhancement of statistical capacity.

  Mr. Kanasugi Kenji expressed his gratitude for the meeting with Commissioner Kang Yi. He said that it is of great importance for Japan and China to strengthen exchanges in the fields of economic and social statistics and that the Embassy of Japan in China is ready to make efforts to further advance the exchanges and cooperation between Japan and China in various fields and at multiple levels in statistics.

  The two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges on issues associated with macroeconomic statisticsdemographic statistics and so forth.