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1. Q: How to get statistical data on the web?

A: Under the column of Statistical data, you can search data through “Statistical Database, Monthly Data, Quarterly Data, Annual Data, Census Data and Other Data. In addition, you may look into “China Monthly Economic Indicators” (Compiled by NBS), quarterly or monthly data are much detailed in this publication.


2. Q: How to get historical statistical data that CSY does not cover?

A: We suggest you look into “China Compendium of Statistics 1949-2008”, in which includes historical data early from 1949. This book is not available on the website, please contact China Statistical Press for purchasing order.


3. Q: When will the statistical data that I care about be released?

A: Please see “Regular Press Release Calendar of NBS in 2013”. China Statistical Yearbook for the previous yearly data published in September, is available on our website in the end of that year.


4. Q: How to buy statistical yearbook or other publications?

A: Purchasing online refers to http://csp.stats.gov.cn/english/english.jsp


5. Q: How can I get some regional statistical data?

A: NBS releases statistics on “regional statistics” in the statistical database, but mainly in nationwide and provincial level. Provincial Bureau of statistics has their own statistics much detailed than NBS. We suggest you look into provincial or regional statistical yearbook; or search the data through their website. Provincial Stat Websites


6. Q: Why I cannot obtain the data I want? How can I get some breakdown for certain items?

A: Department statistics is an important component of China statistical system. Besides the statistics released by NBS, you may refer to some department or some industrial associations to get breakdown statistics in the statistical database. Access from our website: Other Gov Agencies


7. Q: Can I get the Permission to use the Chinese statistics website data?

A: You may use the data that NBS has released in the yearbook or on the web for freebut not for commerce purpose. Please see the "Copyright". Otherwise, we suggest you try to contact China Statistical Press to get the details: yearbook@stats.gov.cn.


8. Q: Why I cannot open the CSY 2003 online?

A: We suggest you use IE browser. Yearly data for 2003 is a PDF file. You need to use Adobe Reader to browse. Please make sure Adobe Reader is installed in your computer. Download ADOBE READER 6 here  Download CSY 2003 here .


9. Q: Should I have an appointment to visit China Statistical Library and Information Services (SLIS)?

A: China Statistical Library and Information Services opens to the public 9:00-11:30 14:00-16:00 every Tuesday and Thursday. Just bring an effective identify certificate, appointment is not necessary.


10. Q: How can I get import and export data?

 A: Statistics regarding import and export released in "foreign trade and economic cooperation" part of China Statistical Yearbook. For further information, Please contact China Customs Statistics, Tel: 86-10-65195623  Email: service@hgtj.cn.


11. Q: How can I get Foreign Direct Investment data?

 A: All the data on “FDI” are released in “foreign trade economic cooperation” part of China Statistical Yearbook. For further information, please contact can Ministry of Commerce.


12. Q: How can I get the micro or firm level data?

 A: According to China Statistical Law, the data which can be able to recognize or deduce the respondents in the surveys, shall not been released. So the data on micro or firm level data shall not been released.


13. Q:How can I get more detailed data on population?

A: The data are released in “population” part of China Statistical Yearbook. For the detailed information, please refer to “population Census ”.


14. Q:How can I get the data on SMEs(small-medium enterprises)?

 A: Part of data on SMEs are released in chapter “industry” in China Statistical Yearbook, for further information, please contact Department of Small-Medium enterprises Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China , which has no English vision. Tel: 86-10-68205326.