Kang Yi and His Delegation Visited Zhejiang to Investigate the Preparations for the Fourth United Nations World Data Forum

National Bureau of Statistics of China 2023-02-01 15:21 Print| Large| Medium| Small

From January 9 to 10, Kang Yi, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), and his delegation went to Zhejiang to investigate the preparations for the 4th United Nations World Data Forum (hereinafter referred to as the Forum). Mao Shengyong, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the NBS also accompanied.

First, Kang Yi gave full recognition of the progress and achievements of preliminary preparations for the forum, and expressed thanks to Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for their strong support and efforts. As pointed out by Kang Yi, the execution stage has begun after the preparations. Faced with limited time and heavy work, the NBS and Zhejiang Provincial Government will work together to make full preparations for the forum efficiently. With a high sense of responsibility and urgency, both sides can jointly show the international community an inclusive and far-reaching global data party.

The delegation exchanged their opinions on the preparations for the forum face to face, checked the work on the spot, and investigated the United Nations Global Platform for Big Data China Hub.