Consumer Price Index

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1. Explanatory Notes


Consumer Price Index (CPI) is an index measuring changes over time in the price level of consumer goods and services purchased by residents, which comprehensively reflects the changes of price level.


2. Statistical Coverage


Consumer Price Index (CPI) covers the prices of goods and services of 8 categories and 268 basic divisions which cover the living consumption of urban and rural residents, including food, tobacco and liquor; clothing; residence; household facilities, articles and services; transportation and telecommunication; education, culture and recreation; health care; miscellaneous goods and services.


3. Survey Methods


According to the principle of "fixed person, fixed point and fixed time", people are directly sent to the survey sites or collect the original price from the Internet. The data comes from about 500 cities and counties in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and cities) and nearly 100,000 price survey points, including shopping malls (stores), supermarkets, farmers' markets, service outlets and Internet e-commerce.


4. Data Description


Due to "rounding-off", sometimes the aggregate data is the same as the high or low value of the classified data.