Directions to the division standard of large/medium-sized capital projects
国家统计局2002-11-18 09:57

The above division standard of capital projects follows the Documentation No. 234 (78) issued by the State Development Planning Commission (SDPC), the State Construction Commission (SCC) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and the Documentation No. 725 (79) issued by the SDPC. For the present, the standard is unchangeable, but the authorization scale of the SDPC has been adjusted. According to the Documentation No. 138 (1984) of the State Council (SC) that transmits the " Some Provisional Rules of the SDPC for the Improvement of the Planned System" and the Documentation No. 23 (1987) issued by the SC that is the " Notice on Broadening the Authorization scope of fixed Capital Investment and Simplifying the Authorization Procedures by the SC", the authorization scale of the SDPC mounts up to the following amount from RMB 10 millions as to large/medium-sized projects in term of gross investment: 50 millions for energy resources, trafficking and material industry projects and 30 millions for other projects; and according to the regulations in the Documentation No. 761 (81) issued by the SDPC, large/medium-sized sugar mills that could process 1000 tons of raw materials could be examined and approved by the SDPC. In order to be in line with the planned management regulations, the division of large/medium-sized projects in statistics is adjusted correspondingly as prescribed above.


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