Brief Introduction


I. Main Contents

Data in this chapter mainly reflect the development of news and publication; radio broadcasting, films and television; culture; cultural relics; archives and sports undertakings.

This part covers the publication, printing, issuance, import and export of books, magazines, newspapers and audio and video products in regions and the country as a whole; the advertisement, coverage and technique of radio, film and television programmes in regions and the country as a whole. Data mainly include number of institutions and employed persons, funds and activities of art performance troupes, public libraries, mass art centers, museums and archive institutions at national and local level; world championships won by Chinese athletes, world records chalked up by Chinese athletes and certified athletes and coaches by technical grades.

II. Sources of Data

Data on news and publication, radio broadcasting, films and television are from the State Administration of Publication, Radio, Film and Television. Data on culture are provided by the Ministry of Culture. Data on cultural relics are from State Administration of Cultural Heritage. Data on archives are from State Archives Administration. Data on sports are from General Administration of Sport.

For detailed information please refer to “Collection of China News and Publication Statistical Information” (State Administration of Publication, Radio, Film and Television), “Statistics on National Development Indicators of Radio, Film and Television” (State Administration of Publication, Radio, Film and Television), “China Cultural Relics Yearbook” (Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China), and “Statistical Yearbook of Sports” (Finance Department, General Administration of Sport).