Brief Introduction


I. Main Contents

Data in this chapter mainly reflect the development of public health, civil affairs, and work for persons with disabilities.

Data on public health include mainly the number of medical and health institutions, health personnel, health facility, health expenses, medical and health services at grass-root level, maternal and child health, disease control, major diseases as the causes of death, and health security system.

Data on civil affairs include: institutions, social organizations, personnel and beds of social servicessocial welfare relief, community service facilities and marriage registration service, funeral and interment services, social donations and welfare lottery.

Data on disabled persons cover information on the rehabilitation, education, employment and poverty alleviation of disabled persons and institutions serving the needs of disabled persons.

II. Sources of Data

Data on public health are mainly from the Information Center under the Ministry of Health. Data on civil affairs are from the Ministry of Civil Affairs based on statistical reporting form scheme. Data on disabled persons are from the China Disabled Persons Federation.

For detailed information please refer to “Annual Statistical Yearbook on National Health Care” (Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China), “Statistical Yearbook on Civil Affairs of China” (Department of Financial and Planning, Ministry of Civil Affairs) and “China Statistical Yearbook on the Work for Persons with Disabilities” (China Disabled Persons Federation).