Brief Introduction


Data in this chapter show the development of China’s education and the basic conditions on China’s scientific and technological development.

I. Main Content of Data on Education

Data on education cover the situations on education funded by government and non-government agencies, and the education with and without academic credentials including higher education (education of postgraduates, general higher education and adult education), secondary education (senior and junior high schools), elementary education (primary schools), preschool education, special education (schools for the blind, deaf-mutes and mentally retarded) and their expenditure. The main indicators include the number of schools, the number of students enrolled, the number of new students enrolled, the number of graduates, the number of staff and workers, the number of full-time teachers, sources and outlay of education funding, and education expenditure from the State budget.

II. Sources of Data on Education

The Ministry of Education provides statistical data on education undertakings and education funding. Data on technical training schools are provided by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Detailed information can be found in “Statistical Yearbook on China’s Education” compiled by Department of Planning and Development, Ministry of Education; and the “Statistical Yearbook on National Education Funding” compiled by the Department of Finance, Ministry of Education.