Brief Introduction




I. Data in this chapter show main social and economic developments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), including data on land, population, employment, national income, Balance of Payments account, industry, energy, construction, transportation, external trade, finance and banking, education, housing, health and social security.

II. All data in this chapter are collected from the related government bureaus/departments and public organisations by the Census and Statistics Department, the Government of HKSAR, and further tabulated or edited by the International Statistical Information Centre of the National Bureau of Statistics.

III. According to the Basic Law of HKSAR of the People’s Republic of China, HKSAR maintains its independent statistical system, and compiles and disseminates statistics on the Region.  As Hong Kong and the mainland of China use different statistical concepts, definitions and terminologies, users are advised to make reference of the following materials when using and comparing data of the mainland of China and HKSAR :

1. A Comparison of Common Statistical Terms Used in Publications Compiled by the Census and Statistics Department, the Government of HKSAR and China Statistical Yearbook, which lists similar statistical concepts using different terms.

2. The Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators at the end of this chapter which gives explanation on important statistical indicators.

IV. As Hong Kong is a separate custom territory, trade between Hong Kong and the mainland of China needs customs declaration procedures. In terms of trade statistics, data on Hong Kong’s imports and exports include Hong Kong’s trade with the mainland of China.

V. As Hong Kong dollar is the legal tender in HKSAR, all other currencies (including Renminbi) are regarded as foreign currencies in compiling foreign exchange statistics and related statistics.

VI. For more detailed statistics and technical details, users are advised to read Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics, Hong Kong Annual Digest of Statistics and other publications compiled by the Census and Statistics Department, the Government of HKSAR.

VII. Notations used in this chapter:

Some notations used in this chapter are not agreed with those used in China Statistical Yearbook, but with Hong Kong publications. “-” indicates not applicable.  “(blank)” indicates not available. “#” indicates provisional figure. “@” indicates figure is subject to revision later on.  “*” indicates revised figure.  “0#” indicates the magnitude of figure is less than half of the unit employed.