Brief Introduction



I. Main Contents

Data in this chapter show the development of China’s financial, securities and insurance industries, in the following four aspects: (1) the financial activities of the financial institutions; (2) the situations regarding the adjustment of deposit and loan interests; (3) the situation regarding direct financing; (4) the situation regarding the insurance business.

II. Sources of Data

(1) Data on the activities of financial institutions are 19-1 Balance Sheet of Credit Funds of Financial Institutions (Funds Sources), 19-2 Balance Sheet of Credit Funds of Financial Institutions (Funds Uses), 19-3 Cash Income of Financial Institutions, 19-4 Cash Expenditure of Financial Institutions, 19-5 Currency Issue and Cash Withdrawn of Financial Institutions, 19-6 Money Supply at Year-end, 19-7 Rate of Increase of Money Supply Over the Previous Corresponding Period, 19-10 Gold and Foreign Exchange Reserves, 19-11 Balance Sheet of State-owned Commercial Banks at Year-end and 19-12 Balance Sheet of Foreign-funded Banks at Year-end. Statistical scope of balance sheet of credit funds of financial institutions and data on cash income and expenditure cover the People’s Bank of China, the State policy banks, the State-owned commercial banks, other commercial banks, urban cooperative banks, urban credit cooperatives, rural credit cooperatives, foreign-funded banks, finance companies, financial trust and investment companies, financial leasing companies, postal savings bureau. The grassroots units of the above financial institutions fill out the questionnaires and report to the higher authority. The higher authorities tabulate the data level by level. Finally, the Head Office of the People’s Bank of China tabulate the data to obtain the national total. The data on gold and foreign exchange reserves are extracted from the balance sheet of the People’s Bank of China and are provided by the relevant departments in the Bank.

(2) Tables 19-8 Official Interest Rates of Deposits of Financial Institutions and 19-9 Official Interest Rates of Loans of Financial Institutions show the changes of the interest rates of deposits and loans. Data are from the interest rates of deposits and loans stipulated and published by the Head Office of the People’s Bank of China.

(3) Tables 19-13 General Statistics on Securities Markets, 19-14 Number of Listed Companies, 19-15 Issued Shares and Raised Capital and 19-16 Statistics of Stock Trading show the situation regarding direct financing. Data are from the Statistical Yearbook on China’s Securities and Futures compiled by China Securities Regulatory Commission.

(4) Table 19-17 Number of Institutions and Employed Persons in the Insurance System at Year-end and 19-18 Economic and Technical Indicators of Insurance Companies19-19 Situations of Assets of Insurance Company19-20 Fund Uses of Insurance Company19-21 Premium of Primary Insurance and Payment by Region show the business situation of the insurance industry, with data coming from the insurance statistics compiled by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission.