23-53  Conditions of Public Health
Item 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
  Number of Registered Healthcare Professionals(person)        
      Doctors 11242 11505 11739 11961 12215
      Chinese Medicine Practitioners
          Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners 4986 5133 5268 5540 5860
          Chinese Medicine Practitioners with Limited 55 61 68 79 72
          Listed Chinese Medicine Practitioners 3015 2957 2897 2847 2823
      Dentists 1896 1941 1976 2025 2074
      Pharmacists 1517 1583 1649 1722 1785
      Nurses 44402 35465 36444 36965 37447
  Doctors per Thousand Population 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7@
  Number of Medical Institutions and Hospital Beds
      Medical Institutions                                         (number) 98 99 103 103 107
      Hospital Beds                                                        (bed) 34400 34119 34532 34928 35048
  Beds per Thousand Population 5.1 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0@
Notes: Figures are as at end of the year stated.
           Statistics on the registered healthcare professionals are provided by different data sources, including the Medical Council of Hong Kong for 
               doctors, Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong for Chinese medicine practitioners, Dental Council of Hong Kong for dentists, Pharmacy 
               and Poisons Board of Hong Kong for pharmacists,  and Nursing Council of Hong Kong for nurses.  Annual renewal of practising certificate  
               is required only for doctors, dentists and pharmacists.   Registered Chinese medicine practitioners (CMPs) and nurses are required to renew 
               the practising certificates every three years. Figures for doctors/dentists refer to the doctors/dentists with full registration on both the local 
               and overseas lists. Figures for nurses refer to registered nurses and enrolled nurses.
           After full implementation of the Chinese Medicine Ordinance, all CMPs should be registered before they can  practise Chinese medicine in 
               Hong Kong.  Any person who wishes to be a registered CMP should have satisfactorily completed an approved undergraduate degree course 
               of training in Chinese medicine practice, take and pass the Licensing Examination.
           CMPs with limited registration are allowed to perform clinical teaching and research in Chinese medicine in the specified educational and 
               scientific research institutions.  The registration period of CMPs with limited registration should not exceed one year and they cannot engage 
               in private practice with patients.
           Listed CMPs can practise lawfully in Hong Kong under the transitional arrangements for registration of  CMPs until a date to be announced
               by the Secretary for Food and Health in the Gazette.  Listed CMPs may become registered CMPs through direct registration,  registration 
               assessment or licensing examination during the transitional arrangements.
           The number of nurses had dropped in 2005 due to the removal of names of more than 9000 nurses from the register/roll in accordance with 
               Section7(3)(e) and Section 13(3)(e) of the Nurses Registration Ordinance, Cap. 164 Laws of Hong Kong.