11-1  Natural Conditions
Item 2008
      Area of Territory                                      (10 000 sq.km) 960
      Area of Sea                                              (10 000 sq.km) 473
      Average Depth of Sea                                                (m) 961
      Maximum Depth of Sea                                             (m) 5377
      Length of Coastline                                                  (km) 32000
          Mainland Shore 18000
          Island Shore 14000
      Number of Islands                                         5400
      Area of Islands                                         (10 000 sq.km) 3.87
      Distribution of Heat   (Accumulated Temperature0)        
          Northern Heilongjiang and Tibet Plateau                 2000-2500
          Northeast Plain                                         3000-4000
          North China Plain                                       4000-5000
          Changjiang (Yangtze) River Drainage Area                5800-6000
            and the Area to the south of it    
          Area to the South of Nanling Mountain                   7000-8000
      Precipitation                                                         (mm)  
          Mid-Taiwan Mountain Area                                4000
          Southern China Coastal Area                             1600-2000
          Changjiang River Valley                                 1000-1500
          Northern and Northeastern Area                          400-800
          Northwestern Inland                                     100-200
          Tarim Basin, Turpan Basin and Qaidam Basin              25
      Percentage of Climatic Zones to Total Area of Territory    
          Humid Zone                                            (aridity<1.0)                                32
          Semi-Humid Zone                             (aridity 1.0-1.5)                       15
          Semi-Arid Zone                                 (aridity 1.5-2.0)                        22
          Arid Zone                                               (aridity>2.0)                                 31
a) The climate data refer to the average figures in many years.
b) Island area does not include that of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region
    and Taiwan Province.