Sports, Public Health, Social Welfare and Others

Brief Introduction

        I.  Data in this chapter mainly show the development of sports, public health, social welfare and other undertakings.

1) Sports: the data cover mass sports (sports for all) and athletics sports, including mainly the number of staff and workers in sports departments, number of athletes, coaches and referees, number of stadiums and gymnasiums, number of world records chalked up and world championships won by the Chinese athletes, number of persons who have come up to the “National Physical Training Program Standards” and the international visits of sports delegations.

2) Public health: the data include mainly the number of institutions, personnel, hospital beds, number of patients treated and in-patients, major diseases as the causes of death and the proportion to the total deaths, the incidence of infectious diseases and the disability caused by them.

3) Social welfare: the data include mainly the number of institutions and personnel, social welfare relief, urban welfare facilities, rural network of social security and marital status etc.

4) Others: the data cover mainly the number of deputies of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conferences over the sessions, the organization of trade union, the judicial conditions, basic statistics on traffic accidents and fires.

II. the above-mentioned data are provided by the State Sports Administration, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Civil Affairs, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Ministry of Justice, Supreme People's Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security etc. the data are collected and tabulated in accordance with the statistical reporting schemes stipulated by the departments concerned, including the statistical reporting schemes on sports, public health, civil administration, organization of trade unions and public security. the data are generally reported to the higher authorities level by level.

III. the statistical data on environmental protection are provided by the State Environment Protection Administration. the statistical data are collected and tabulated by 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government in accordance with the annual environmental statistical reporting scheme stipulated by the State Environment Protection Administration. the environmental statistical data include the following main parts:

(1) the discharge and treatment of waste water, waste gas and solid wastes: the summary data are tabulated from the data of industrial enterprises at county and higher levels, which discharge pollutants. They show various indicators about the discharge and treatment of waste water, waste gas and solid wastes in various regions and various industrial sectors.

(2) the administration of environment: the data show the situation on the scientific research, publicity, letters and visits of complaints related to environmental protection and pollution accidents. the data are tabulated level by level by the departments of environmental protection of counties, prefectures and provinces.

(3) the improvement of the departments of environmental protection: the data show the basic conditions of the local departments of environmental protection, excluding the data on the National Environmental Protection Agency and its directly subordinate units as well as the departments under State Council.