Banking and Insurance

Brief Introduction

I. Data in this chapter show the development of China’s banking, securities and insurance, including the following 5 parts: (1) the number of the institutions and personnel in the banking system; (2) the financial activities of banking institutions; (3) the changes of the interest rates of the deposits and loans; (4) the direct financing; (5) the business of insurance.

II. Sources of data:

(1) Table 19-1 showing the number of banking institutions and personnel are prepared by the personnel departments of the Headquarter of the People’s Bank of China on the basis of the related administrative registers.

(2) Tables 19-2 to 19-7 shows the banking activities of banks and rural credit cooperatives. the statistics cover the balance table of the credit funds and the tables on the cash revenue and expenditure of the banking institutions include the People’s Bank of China, the state policy banks, the state-owned commercial banks, other commercial banks, urban and rural credit cooperatives, financing corporations, trust investment corporations, financing and leasing corporations, and savings deposit institutions under the postal offices. the grassroots units of the above banking institutions fill out the questionnaires and report to the higher authorities. the higher authorities tabulate the data level by level. Finally, the Department of Investigation and Statistics of the Head Office of the People’s Bank of China tabulate the data and get the national total. the data in the table on the gold and foreign exchange reserves are extracted from the balance sheet of the People’s Bank of China and provided by its concerned department.

(3) Tables 19-8 and 19-9 show the changes of the interest rates. Data are collected from the interest rates of deposits and loans stipulated and published by the Head Office of the Peoples Bank of China.

(4) Tables 19-10 to 19-13 shows the direct fund raising. the data are collected from the “Annual Statistical Report on China’s Securities” compiled by China Securities Regulatory Commission.

 (5) Tables 19-14 and 19-15 shows the business of insurance, with data coming from the insurance statistics compiled by China Insurance Regulatory Commission.