Domestic Trade

Brief Introduction

I. the data in this chapter show the development of China's domestic market and the sales of the commodities in wholesale and retail sale trades as well as catering trade, including mainly the circulation of commodities in the wholesale and retail sale trades, the financial condition of the wholesale, retail and catering trade enterprises, the total sales of the consumer goods in the whole country and the domestic fair trade, etc.

II. Data in this chapter are collected and processed in accordance with the statistical reporting scheme on wholesale and retail sale trades as well as catering trade, stipulated by the Department of Trade and External Economic Relations of the National Bureau of Statistics. Data on the urban and rural fair trade are provided respectively by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

III. Statistical coverage and survey methods: Statistics on financial conditions include all corporate enterprises of wholesale, retail and catering trade that are above the designated size. Statistics on retail sales of consumer goods include all enterprises, institutional units and peasants engaged in retail sale business. are the method used in data collection for enterprises (units) above designated size is a complete enumeration, under which all units are covered in the survey and data are reported from lower to higher level statistical offices. for units below the designated size, sample surveys are used, and in some cases, administrative registers from industrial and commercial administration and taxation administration are used in the estimation.

IV. in this chapter, the sum of total retail sales of consumer goods of all provinces is not equal to the national total, as the national total has been adjusted and modified in line with national accounts data and data from other departments.