Brief Introduction

I. Data in this chapter cover the following data:

(1) the number of industrial enterprises and the gross industrial output value of all industrial enterprises classified by ownership, by industrial branch and by region;

(2) Main economic indicators and efficiency indicators of all state-owned industrial enterprises and enterprises above designated size (referring to non-state enterprises each with an annual sales of over 5 million yuan), classified by region and by industrial division, including gross industrial output value, industrial value-added, capital, working capital (circulating assets), fixed assets, liquid liabilities, long-term liabilities, creditors equity, sales income, sales cost, sales tax and extra-charges, sales profit, total profits, ratio of value-added to gross industrial output value, ratio of profits, taxes and interests to average assets, ratio of debts to assets, ratio of profits to cost and charges, turnover of working capital and overall labour productivity;

(3) Main indicators of the state-owned industrial enterprises and enterprises where the state holds the majority of shares;

(4) Output of key industrial products

(5) Production capacity of main products by key industrial enterprises;

II. Data sources: All data are prepared and provided by the Department of Industrial and Transport Statistics, NBS.

III. Data on the gross output value of all industrial enterprises and the indices by ownership in 1991-1994 have been adjusted in accordance with data from the Third National Industrial Census undertaken in 1995. Such data are therefore somewhat different from those published in the yearbooks of the previous years.

IV. as the coverage of industrial statistics was adjusted in 1998 to cover all state-owned industrial enterprises and enterprises with an annual sales of over 5 million yuan, it is impossible to collect statistics on the output of industrial products of all enterprises. in order to make such statistics comparable with data published in previous statistical communiqués and statistical yearbooks, efforts were made to estimate the national total of output of key industrial products by analyzing national totals of the previous years (with the old coverage) and data collected by new coverage and by verification of figures by relevant departments. as this process was done only at the national level, the result is that the sum of output data by province is smaller than the national totals. on the other hand, a large number of trans-regional enterprise groups were established through the merge and re-organization of enterprises, resulting in duplicated reports of the output of selected products. for such products, there are cases where the sum of output by province is larger than the national total.