Appendix I: Main Social and Economic Indicators of Taiwan Province

Brief Introduction

I. Data sources:

(1) Appendix I: the data come from the statistical yearbook and statistical monthly bulletin, edited by the statistical department, Taiwan Province of China.

(2) Appendix II: the data come from “Macau Statistical Yearbook”, edited by the Census and Statistics Department of Macau.

(3) Appendix III: the data and databases come from the statistical data edited by the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and World Bank, and databases etc., including United Nations: “Statistical Yearbook”, “Monthly Bulletin of Statistics”, “National Accounts Statistics”, “Industrial Statistics Yearbook” and “Demographic Yearbook”; United Nations FAO: “Yearbook of Production”, “Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics”, “Yearbook of Fertilizer”, “Yearbook of Forest Products” , “Yearbook of Fishery Statistics” and the database; International Monetary Fund: “International Financial Statistics Yearbook”, “International Financial Statistics”, “World Economic Outlook” and “Government Finance Statistics Yearbook”; World Bank: “World Development Report” and the database; International Labor Office: “Yearbook of Labor Statistics”.

II. Editors explanatory notes:

1.    The statistical tables published in this chapter are prepared by the International Information Center, National Bureau of Statistical on the basis of the data sources mentioned above.

2.    The data in physical units (e.g. the output of products) are internationally comparable because they have been converted by the international organizations and the International Information Center, SSB. However, since no scientific conversion methods have been found, the data in monetary units are not quite comparable among different countries. Even they are converted with the exchange rates or the method of purchasing power parity, they are not entirely comparable.

3.    If the readers want to know the details (including methods and data) of the data in this chapter, they may consult the “International Statistical Yearbook” and its electronic publications published by China Statistical Publishing House or the data sources mentioned above.