Bulletin on the Value-added Data of National Patent Intensive Industry in 2020
National Bureau of Statistics of China2021-12-31 09:30

National Bureau of Statistics

National Intellectual Property Administration

December 30, 2021


According to accounting, the added value of patent intensive industries in China in 2020 was 12,128.9 billion yuan, an increase of 5.8 percent over the previous year (not excluding price factors, the same below), 3.1 percentage points higher than the current price growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the same period; its proportion in GDP was 11.97 percent, an increase of 0.35 percentage point over the previous year.


In terms of internal structure, the new equipment manufacturing industry has the largest scale, with an added value of 3,419.4 billion yuan, accounting for 28.2 percent of the added value of patent intensive industries; Followed by the information and communication technology service industry, with an added value of 2,641.5 billion yuan, accounting for 21.8 percent, rising from the third place in the total amount of last year to the second place; thirdly, the information and communication technology manufacturing industry, with an added value of 2,417.7 billion yuan, accounting for 19.9 percent; the smallest was the environmental protection industry, with an added value of 274.8 billion yuan, accounting for 2.3 percent.


In terms of growth rate, ICT services grew by 15.7 percent, the fastest. Driven by the strong demand for epidemic prevention products at home and abroad, enterprises increased production arrangements and other factors, the growth rate of the pharmaceutical and medical industry accelerated, with an increase of 10.1 percent, an increase of 4.7 percentage points over the previous year.


Value-added of National Patent Intensive Industry in 2020




(100 million yuan)

Growth Rate








National Patent Intensive Industry




 Information and Communication Technology Manufacturing Industry




 New Equipment Manufacturing Industry




 New Material Manufacturing Industry,




 Medicine and Medical Industry




 Environmental Protection Industry




 Information and Communication Technology Service Industry




 R&D, Design and Technology Service Industry








Notes: 1. The growth rate is the current price growth rate, without deducting the price factor.

   2. If the data items are not equal to the total amount, it is due to the rounding error of the value.




I. Explanatory Notes


The term "patent intensive industry" refers to a collection of industries with the density and scale of invention patents reaching the prescribed standards, relying on intellectual property rights to participate in market competition and conforming to the guidance of innovation and development.


The value-added of patent intensive industry refers to the added value created by the production activities of all permanent resident units of patent intensive industry in a certain period of time.


The term "resident unit" refers to an economic unit with a center of economic interests in China's economic territory.


Production refers to the activities of creating new output of goods and services by using labor, capital, goods and services input under the control and organization of institutional units.


II. Accounting Classification


The accounting classification of patent intensive industries is based on the Statistical Classification of Intellectual Property (Patent) Intensive Industries (2019), and adopts two-level classification. According to the nature of economic activities, the first level classification is divided into seven categories: information and communication technology manufacturing industry, information and communication technology service industry, new equipment manufacturing industry, new material manufacturing industry, medicine and medical industry, environmental protection industry, R&D, design and technology service industry. On the basis of the first level classification, the second level classification is subdivided into 188 categories of national economic industries.


III. Accounting Method and Data Source


The value-added of patent intensive industries shall be calculated in accordance with the Accounting Methods for the Value-added of Patent Intensive Industries formulated by the NBS. The basic data needed for accounting mainly come from the data of national economic census, relevant professional statistics and national economic accounting of the NBS.


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